Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

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We release our official statistics once a year.  They provide information about the enquiries and complaints we receive and handle each year.

Our statistics for recent years cover:

  • Enquiries and complaints received by subject
  • Complaints received by subject and authority
  • Enquiries and complaints determined by sector and outcome
  • Enquiries and complaints determined by subject and outcome
  • Complaints determined by authority and outcome

If you have difficulty working with the documents, please contact our communications team or call us on 0131 240 8849.

Changes to SPSO remit

Our remit has expanded since we first opened.

  • In October 2005, further and higher education complaints started coming to us.
  • Complaints from prisoners about the Scottish Prison Service came to us from October 2010.  These complaints are included in Scottish Government sector totals from 2010-11 onwards.  From November 2011, our remit expanded again to include complaints from prisoners about healthcare matters. These are recorded for the relevant health board area, and included in the health sector totals from 2011-12 onwards.
  • Complaints about water and sewerage came within our remit after the complaints handling body for this, Waterwatch, was abolished in August 2011.

Statistics recording

In April 2007, we changed the way we record our figures. If you intend to compare 2007 - 08 to earlier years, please read about these changes here.    From 2010 -11, we also started to record information about the outcomes of complaints on which we made a decision but did not report publicly. There have been no other significant changes to our recording methods since 2007.

Updated: August 21, 2017