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We can give you any of our leaflets in other languages and formats (such as large print, audio, Braille, or a different file format for use with assistive technology) if you ask. Please contact us to ask for a leaflet in another language or format.

SPSO's 'Guidance on Apology' leaflet


SPSO Guidance on Apology (PDF, 80.7KB)

When we investigate a complaint and find a problem that has not been solved, we often recommend that the organisation offer an apology. This guidance note sets out what an apology is and what you need to do for an apology to be meaningful.

SPSO leaflet called "The SPSO- complaints, learning and improvement"


The SPSO - complaints, learning and improvement (PDF 4.2MB)

This leaflet explains what happens when a complaint is made to the SPSO. It also gives information about our process, reporting our findings, the Complaints Standards Authority and SPSO training.

SPSO Complaints Form


Complaints form (PDF 81KB)

Our complaint booklet includes a consent form for people making a complaint on behalf of others. It can be printed off for completion.


How to complain about a public service - Information Leaflet 1 (PDF, 300KB)

This leaflet tells you about how to complain about a public service and has an example of what to put in a complaint letter if you want to complain in writing.


How to Complain to the SPSO - Information Leaflet 2 (PDF, 573KB)

This leaflet tells you about SPSO and how to make a complaint to us.



Your complaint at the SPSO - Information Leaflet 3 (PDF, 220KB)

This leaflet tells you about our process and how we handle complaints.


Unacceptable actions policy (PDF 48KB)

This document explains how we handle unacceptable behaviour by complainants.

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Customer Service Standards (PDF, 47KB)

We are committed to offering you a high-quality service. Our Customer Service Standards describe how you can expect us to act.


Listed body request for SPSO investigation (PDF 42KB)

This leaflet gives information about how an organisation may ask the SPSO to investigate a complaint about the organisation.

Your Complaint, Our Decision leaflet


Your complaint, our decision (PDF, 40KB)

This leaflet gives information about what to do if you wish to request a review of a decision made by us.

SPSO Redress Policy (PDF, 42KB)

This leaflet sets out the SPSO approach to resolving a complaint or request through recommendations for redress.

Updated: October 5, 2018